Tokyo Photo Studio

2 Floor, Akasaka, 6-10-5, Minato-ku, Tokyo

email; Mobile; 090 2912 1745 Land line; 03 6459 1282

I am a Greek/British photographer based in Tokyo. 

I have my own studio but I am also happy to travel as the project requires.

I have been a professional photographer since 2002. I have worked for many different clients ranging from private individuals to major international advertising agencies and brands. The majority of my work has been in Tokyo and London but I have also worked in New Delhi and Athens.

Please contact me to discuss your project.

090 2912 1745


Anatole Papafilippou

Date Of Birth 17th September, 1974 Nationality: British 


2007 Masters Advertising Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College

1996.1999 Bachelors Dartington College Of Arts

Professional Commercial Photographer Since 2002.

Commercial Clients:

  • Now Productions Cast and photographed advertisements for SONY PS3 game

  • NEC cast and photographed for their internet download portal

  • Vestax Produced the Vestax product catalogue

  • Toshiba Cast and photographed Capoeira dancers for screensaver project

  • World Apart Records promotional photography for bands including PEZ

  • Shane photographed print advertising for a chain of 230 English language school

  • Anicom PR and advertising photography

  • Hi-Rich Cosmetics Directed, produced, cast and photographed beauty advertising, catalogues & DM

  • Fashion Cast, produced and photographed catalogues for Rio del Sol, Gassane, and other labels

  • Various PR assignments for Marc Jacobs and other companies

  • Puma 2012 soccer/sports fashion campaign

  • Schwarts Diamonds catalogue and campaign photographs

Photographer ZAG/BBHAug 2007-Sept 2008

Photography, art direction and production for various clients including Levi’s, Hermes Logistics, Mrs. Beeton’s and Ila


Jonathan Taylor 2003-2004 TokyoJapan

Michael Graf November 2004 TokyoJapan

Munish KhannaDecember 2001 - Feb 2002 New Delhi India

August - November of 1999 freelance art-director at Anderson and Lembke London

  • Photography, art-direction and production work for Diversey- Lever and Monsanto accounts


Studio : 10m long 4m wide 2.5m high

Lighting Gear : 

Propet 1200 -2 packs 4 heads

Profoto 1500 - 2 packs 2 heads

Bowens 500 (mono) 1 outdoor battery pack 2 heads 

Various Tripods, booms, umbrellas, soft boxes, reflectors, honeycomb grids, perspex product table.

7 Tungsten lights

Camera 5D Mk ii

Lenses 12-24, 50mm, 24-105 f4, 135 f2, 180 macro

Various speedlights

The studio is based near to Yubi Rental which has an exhaustive supply of camera and lighting equipment available should it be necessary to hire extra tools.

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